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Do you remember when?

Penny votes for the Popcorn Queen Contest?
Tenderloins cooked in skillets?
Firemen’s water ball contest?
Parachute jumps before the parade?
Electrical fire behind the Library?
Lions Club selling blocks of cheese, if you guessed the correct weight you got the block of cheese for free?
Eakins Market?
Steam Engine?
Tractor Pulls?
Display of Parade trophies in the Bank window?
Sub eating contest?
Placemats with the festival schedule printed on them?

The 23rd Annual Popcorn Festival

Theme: Country/Western

It’s Popcorn Festival time, another year rolls around.

This week-end in August, let’s be Van Buren bound!!

Bob and Helen Fincannon, our Parade Marshals this year.

Twenty one years of service, we’ll all stand and cheer!!

“Country Line Dancin’s” the theme.  It’s the latest craze.

Everyone can do it, you’ll be amazed.

So, whether it’s the “Boot Boogie” or you like that “Crawl”

Just having fun together, we’ll all have a ball!!

Have a steak from the grill, or a hot dog on a stick.

Try an Elephant’s Ear, now that’s really a trick!!!

There’s enjoyment for all, and entertainment that can’t be beat.

The Van Buren Popcorn Festival is a treat you’re sure to repeat!!!!!

Poem Written by Judy Zent, 1995


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Festival Highlights:

The Nation's First Popcorn Parade!
- since 1973 -

Kernel Klassic 5K Run

Fincannon Memorial Car and Motorcycle Show

Baby Parade

Bed Race

Free Entertainment Nightly

Big Wheel Race

Pedal Tractor Pull

Pet Parade

Royalty Contest

Scarecrow Contest

Car-Oke Contest


And Much More!

Van Buren, Indiana

"Popcorn Capital of the World"

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